Word Freak

So, because I’m compulsive about spelling and believe “bad grammar is the death of civilization” (not true, actually, but it is something my father once said – really!), I had to check the spelling of the word “travelled” after my last post. Did you know that according to American Heritage Dictionary, it can be spelled “travelled” or “traveled”? Why? Why do we need two spellings of this word? Is this because the lexicographers couldn’t decide how it should be spelled, either?


~ by realsupergirl on January 24, 2004.

7 Responses to “Word Freak”

  1. Maybe they couldn’t decide how it should be speled.


  2. i prefer the two-l’ed “travelled”, too, and i am surprised to hear that the dictionary recognizes it considering that microsoft word always changes it to one-l for me! “travelled” just looks more, i don’t know, romantic to me, as does “journalling” instead of “journaling” (are two L’s for that one even acceptable? oh, well).

  3. …actually, American Heritage doesn’t recognize “journaled” either – “journal” is only listed as a noun, not a verb. However, I have a good story. When I was in Israel doing a study-work-hike program, we frequently took time out to journal, and one of the participants was Swedish and referred to it as “yearnaling” Given the meaning of the word “yearn” I liked that so much that now for me, journaling is always “yearnaling.”

  4. Feh, I say to you. Feh! 🙂

  5. It’s probably one of those US/UK things you run across every once in a while. Try not to let it colour your perceptions too much… ;>

  6. You know, a funny UK story about language: When I lived there in 7th grade, I remember being at the bus stop and overhearing someone say “throw me a fag” and being a little, um, alarmed.

  7. I see another poem here!

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