We need an uprising

As much as I adore the in-your-face tactic to fighting bigotry, I wonder whether this is helping our cause long term. Does it reinforce the idea in bigots’ heads that we don’t take marital commitment seriously? <

On the other hand, as I was driving to work listening on NPR to the story about the uprising in Haiti, demanding regime change, I thought to myself, why don’t we have more of a movement in this country for a violent uprising in demand for regime change? Are we too complacent? We have a president who was not really elected, who declares pre-emptive war in blatant violation of international standards, who is systematically erodes the rights of queers, poor people, union workers, women, and people of color.

So why aren’t there more radical acts of defiance, like this?


~ by realsupergirl on February 13, 2004.

4 Responses to “We need an uprising”

  1. wait, i don’t understand..i think it’s the same link?

    couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. i really wonder why that is. there are so many articles about civil liberties being taken away in one way or another in any of the papers i read all the time and i feel frustrated that there aren’t more groups out there taking a stand in one way or another. i find the activist communities around here really uninspiring and not even all that radical in their ideas..plus, living in a college town, the population is so transient (i.e. a couple years ago a counseling center burned down on campus, which misplaced the women’s center, and people fought for months and months doing sleep-outs on the steps of major buildings on campus and being totally obnoxious in order to secure a space, and now that the main people in the organization have graduated, the center is basically going to die next year because they don’t have even one underclassman to keep things going. a product of their cliquish behavior, i think, but it’s sad that the constantly changing population keeps real change from occurring.)

    i’m going to see “the weather underground” in a couple weeks — seems like it’ll shine more light on the uprising-idea. have you seen it?

  2. I haven’t heard of it but I think I’d probably like to if it sheds any light at all…

    The link is the same at the beginning and the end because that was sort of how my thoughts went – started from the action in SF, and what it meant, and then what it made me long for and angry about, which led me back to the link again. It made sense in my head.

    On the one hand I want more direct, in your face action, on the other hand I can feel myself losing energy and hope in any real change taking place…which is kinda depressing.

  3. no, i totally understand it, now — i thought that was what you meant but i thought i would check to make sure 🙂

    that’s actually something i’m worried about..the political apathy in boston. i really felt it when i went to BU and i hope that it’s not really that way — that that was just my perspective being in the BU-enclave. i know some people on livejournal who are involved in collectives and things and i hope that that’ll be a way to channel my energy, but then, activist groups always seem to be more full of infighting than anything else..what do you think about apathy in boston?

    do you know who the weather underground are? apparently this documentary was just made about them that has been nominated for an academy award. from my really peripheral knowledge, they were an activist (anarchist?) group that tried to overthrow the u.s. gov’t in the 60’s or 70’s and then had to go “underground”…

  4. No, but it sounds like something I want to check out!

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