We Care

WE CARE. That’s what’s printed on the envelope I found in my mailbox today in big bold blue letters. The U.S. postal service “extends it’s sincere apologies” that a letter from Concho River Review arrived soggy and with its pages all stuck together. Particularly amusing is the lengthy paragraph of their disclaimer/apology in which they justify their need for “mechanical methods” of mail sorting and delivery.

However, good news was enclosed in this soggy letter: Another one of my poems has been accepted! This particular poem seems particularly relevant to my new obsession of blogging:

At the Post Office

Pending publication in Concho River Review, 2004

“Mira! Mira!” the little boy
in the post office in Miami
kept saying. Look at me!
Look at me! as I push my
lopsided Matchbox
emergency vehicle, oblivious
to the impatience winding its way around
to get stamps, to pick up
packages that should’ve arrived yesterday
by noon. His sister is not interested,
and the adults are far too busy.
Still, he yells “Mira! Mira!” and hopes
we will stop and take the time
to watch him. Later,
I come home after a day on a boat
with cousins who have never
really seen me, and write this poem.
So I can remember. So I
will be remembered. Remember me –
Mira! Mira!

©2004 by realsupergirl


~ by realsupergirl on February 19, 2004.

4 Responses to “We Care”

  1. (That’s it, really. What else do you need?)

  2. Um, thanks?
    Hoodie? Isn’t that what kids these days call those zippered sweatshirts?

  3. Hey- congrats on the publication! 🙂 Fawn

  4. Thanks!

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