Poem by William Stafford

by William Stafford

It could happen at any time, tornado,
earthquake, Armageddon. It could happen.
Or sunshine, love, salvation.

It could you know. That’s why we wake
and look out – no guarantees
in this life.

But some bonuses, like morning,
like right now, like noon,
like evening.


~ by realsupergirl on April 20, 2004.

5 Responses to “Poem by William Stafford”

  1. My god….I love this.
    This is….it’s perfect, it captures life.

  2. Yes, it does doesn’t it? William Stafford is so wonderful that way. I highly recommend him, if you haven’t discovered him already. Even in Quiet Places is a good book to start with, though this poem is not from it.

  3. Yeah, yeah, what she said.

  4. in a similar vein, and from one OCD, blindfolded ice cream eater to another…. besos

    Miracle Ice Cream
    Adrienne Rich

    Miracle’s truck comes down the little avenue,
    Scott Joplin ragtime strewn behind it like pearls,
    and, yes, you can feel happy
    with one piece of your heart.

    Take what’s still given: in a room’s rich shadow
    a woman’s breasts swinging lightly as she bends.
    Early now the pearl of dusk dissolves.
    Late, you sit weighing the evening news,
    fast-food miracles, ghostly revolutions,
    the rest of your heart.

  5. I’ll take that any day it’s given…mmmm.

    I love that poem so much! Thanks so much for sharing it and posting it.


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