Does anyone else feel like it’s not a coincidence that both of the recent, brutal, public executions in the Middle East (Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg) were Jewish?


~ by realsupergirl on May 13, 2004.

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  1. Oh, I think that there can be no doubt but that it is more than mere coincidence. I recall hearing (on NPR, undoubtedly) an American soldier talk about being stripped to see whether he was circumcised.

    I am very disturbed at how buried this aspect of both of their identities is. It is relevant that they were both Jewish men. Burying the fact that both men were Jewish ignores the anti-Semitic feelings behind the murders. And that’s dangerous. For one thing, it allows people of all stripes to discount Jewish concerns about anti-Semitism. I don’t think that we should be alarmist or live in fear, but I do think that all of us need to know that these actions aren’t happening in a vacuum.

  2. Not to mention the fact that Berg had Israeli stamps in his passport. I suspect he was targeted at least in part for that alone.

  3. OK, in way it’s nice to know I wasn’t just being paranoid in thinking that it was relevant, but ick, now it’s darker, more disturbing. Particularly because no one’s talking about this. Ugh.

  4. Yeah, I heard about the “stripped to see whether he was circumcised” thing too. For some reason (perhaps in part due to my goyness), I did not make the connection at the time.

    Although it is possible, I also do not think it is a coincidence, if it is any help to know that you are not alone. – Fawn

  5. It sort of helps, thanks. You know, it’s nice to not be alone and paranoid, but then again, when your fears are real, that’s not so happy either.

  6. Well, you’re talking about it, which made me feel better when I read it in your ‘zine because, until then, I was feeling alone and paranoid. Now I just feel icky.

  7. Icky>alone and paranoid, for sure.

  8. hey all – thought you might find this interesting:

    I read the skimble blog pretty regularly, and this is about as conspiratorial as he gets, but it is interesting. perhaps a little xfiles in tone, but really? if anyone is going to pull xfiles shit in a presidential admin, it’s gwb, the f*er.

  9. Who is this, BTW?

    I am disturbed by this comment:
    It’s obvious that the story has tremendous pro-Bush regime propaganda value. That’s why it’s looking more and more like a fraud, a distraction, and a lie.

    The beheading itself is clearly real. Who perpetrated it is not clear, but if it was Mossad or the U.S., you can bet your ass al Quaida wouldn’t go trying to take credit for it. What Berg was doing in Iraq may be up for questions, but how and why he died is not. And I am not sure it is a very “good” thing for Bush or anyone else.

    When things are shocking an disturbing, it is too easy to want to discredit them as “not real.”

  10. hey missy – it’s me, sd, sorry for forgetting to mention that. and yes, I agree with you on many points (it is gruesome, not good for anyone). I think that the point that some of those articles, questions, etc were making was that the bush admin/media seems to be using this to gloss over the abu ghraib incident, sort of a two wrongs making a right mentality. john mccain was on tv saying something to the effect of “well the abu ghraib thing was an exception – americans as a whole don’t do that. but the berg video shows why we must win in iraq. These people blah blah blah” – basically saying “well yea, we screwed up, but they screwed up bigger so let’s kick some iraqi a**! ” and the implication, while not said outright, was that all arabs were hot for decapitation.

    not trying to raise any hackles or ire, not saying I believe the theories suggested on those pages, and certainly do not mean to suggest that this event is anything less than horrifying. the skimble blurb caught my eye, and I thought I would pass it along for consumption by others asking questions about the role of this man’s jewishness in the whole ordeal.

    I did not mean to imply that this event was not real. I am mostly saddened by the fact that it is being used the way that it is. (theme=xfiles) And it’s convenient co-occurence with the abu ghraib thing makes me scratch my head. Especially given the possibility that the video was shot before the abu ghraib pix were released. (/theme)

    just thinking out loud.

  11. I didn’t think you were saying that you didn’t believe it, but it’s troubling to think that anyone out there is.

    It’s also troubling to see politicians exploiting this atrocity for their own political agenda. But, hey, Bush and Co. did it after 9/11, why not do it after this, too?

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