Historical moment

At 11:00 PM we headed down to Cambridge City Hall, along with 5,000 other people. We sang patriotic songs and show tunes. We cheered and threw rice. We passed flowers up to couples waiting in line for marriage licenses. We saw a gay male couple who could barely walk make their way into City Hall carrying a sign that declared they had been living together for 49 years.

At midnight, suggested we say the Shehechiyanu, quietly, to ourselves: “Blessed are you, Adonai, who has enabled us to reach this day.”


~ by realsupergirl on May 17, 2004.

12 Responses to “Historical moment”

  1. Eve, I’m so… thrilled.

    Are you guys, by any chance, going to walk the walk? That’s the hot question of the moment.

  2. We’re in the planning stages. It’s a process. We were in the process before it became legal in Massachusetts, and now we’re planning a little more actively. Maybe next spring? We were thinking the fall, but that’s starting to creep up quickly.

  3. Well, if you’re looking for someone non-denominational (but still poetry related) to perform the ceremony Jeff Robinson told the crowd at The Lizard Lounge last night that he is an ordained minister, had the papers to prove it in his wallet in fact, if anyone was planning to tie the knot.

  4. Really? That is great news…Jeff Robinson might actually be the type of person we want to perform a queer, meaningful, somewhat Jewish ceremony. Thanks for the info.

  5. I didn’t throw any rice. But I think there’s still some in my hair.

  6. Yay!

    (Plus, in a book which I think is called New Jewish Weddings, there’s a description of a ceremony for mixed-religion couples called a “rainbow” ceremony. I don’t remember the details, but I recall thinking that it was a nice ceremony.)

  7. it truly is a “historical moment”! i am so glad that you got to witness it and that article was really incredible. i wish i could have been there to cheer the couples on, too — posted pictures and it just looked SO MASSIVE it took my breath away!

  8. I thought it was cool too. Jeff would also be a good person if you want a musical interlude to be part of the ceremony…

  9. Remember, those of us on the left coast need to plan for airfare and vaction time etc. 🙂

  10. YES, yes, we won’t do anything with out your presence. It’s a must.

  11. Thanks for the link – there’s a great picture of the couple I made reference to in my entry. They made me and kaphine all vaclempt. 49 years together, and they’re finally legal. It’s unthinkable.

  12. Sounds like a book we should check out, I’ll have to look for it…

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