I haven’t been remembering my dreams much lately, for months now. But I think that’s a good thing. Often my dreams are vivid and memorable when they are trying to tell me something – like the sexy dreams I was having of Daria Eckhardt for the first two years of college while I was busy exclusively with boys.

My earliest dreams from childhood are all of me in middle of a war, being chased or hiding from Nazis. When I worked at the residential treatment facility I routinely had dreams of being attacked or robbed or chased. These dreams have continued on and off at various times in my life, and I think that when I’m not having them, it’s a good sign about my current ability to manage the horror stories that I carry around for the people with whom I work.

I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m doing differently, but apparently I’m doing something right this time. Funny, I just mistyped that last sentence, and wrote, apparently I’m doing something write this time. Maybe that’s what I’m doing differently: writing about the right things, in the right form.


~ by realsupergirl on May 26, 2004.

9 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. daria dreams… didn’t we all have them? gay or straight? I think I had only one, and she probably morphed from or into sorsha from willow or uma or something, but… sheesh.
    sd,who is 1) glad you’re sleeping well and 2) back in texas after an all too short visit to CO and NM to see ignacio!

  2. Hmmm…I don’t know? Did lots of other people have Daria dreams? We should find out. I know for me, the fairly constant sexy dreams I was having about her for a couple months (along with the increasingly more affectionate relationship I was having with a girl – you know how that goes) were my big tip off that maybe I wasn’t Completely Straight ™.

  3. I would like to point out that I never, ever had a Daria dream. OTOH, I did have a couple of Margaret Yovan dreams. And, for the record, I’m on the straighter end of the spectrum.

    (Then again, I’ve also had dreams in which, midway through, I spontaneously transformed into Bart Simpson. My dreams just *ain’t* normal. The Margaret dreams, however, were very, very pleasant, which in many ways, is a complete departure from my regular nighttime fare.)

  4. And you had a dream about being a toothbrush, once…

    Yes, yes, the eternal Margaret v.s Daria debate. As unending as Steve Martin v.s Sean Connery, and Ellen v.s. Anne, and David Bowie v.s. Tim Curry…

  5. I wasn’t aware that David Bowie vs. Tim Curry was ever a question. Even if we’re talking about the Frankenfurter days, it’s Bowie every time…

    …mmmm. Maybe it’s time to rent Labyrinth again.

  6. Of course it’s a question, stubburn people like me are holding out for the return of Tim Curry as Frank. He’s not so attractive these days, and he’s a big ole closet case, but the same can be said about Bowie.

    Anyone else catch Tim Curry’s appearance on Will and Grace recently, playing Karen’s new brother-in-law with um, questionable sexual boudaries? It was the only time I’ve ever seen him kiss a man since Rocky…

  7. I’m confused and a little buzzed right now. I was just messing around looking up my name and came across this. I’m Daria Eckhardt, I thought there would be only one of me since the name is unusual. Who are you? Am I “your” Daria? Do I know you?

  8. Just found more info on Daria Eckhardt O’Neill from Reed college. Not me….I can’t believe ther are two Daria Eckhardts, how bizarre!

  9. That is weird…I’m impressed you found “my” Daria, I couldn’t remember her new last name, and so I couldn’t provide a link to her morning show (maybe she doesn’t even do it anymore!) on KNRK in Portland…that would have cleared up the mystery.

    Sorry for any weirdness that may have ensued. How’d you find my blog?

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