Pistons Beat the Lakers, 4-1

My faith in the NBA has been restored.

The Lakers didn’t deserve to win it, and they didn’t. They got beat badly by a team that played better defense and outhustled them for the ball. It should have been the Pistons-Spurs, but honestly, I’m not sure the Spurs would have been good enough to beat the Pistons this year. Ben Wallace is just a monster on the boards and is phenomenonly athletic – like a younger, healthier Shaq.

I hope the Spurs can continue to bulk up Rasho Nesterovic, re-sign Manu Ginobili, and bring in a real shooter or two, and be back next year to face the Pistons, and beat them. Because they’re young and if they sign Rasheed Wallace (boy, is this a bad day for Blazers fans, or what? They dump their franchise player in the middle of the season and he goes on to win a championship), they’re going to be back next year.

Oh, and all you haters: the East is back. Maybe not as sexy and exciting as Jordan and the Bulls, but the East is definitely back.


~ by realsupergirl on June 16, 2004.

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