Fuck this country

I am frightened. I am enraged. I am appalled.

I no longer want part of this country. Within four years, we have
seen two elections come down to a matter of votes, all of which were
cast by black voters who the Republicans attempted to
disenfranchise. Within four years, we have seen half the country
pass amendments to their state constitutions which legalize second
class citizen status for Americans, on the basis of something that
should not be anybody’s business but their own. Even in Oregon,
where we have fought back the religious right time after time in the
last decade and a half.

I want Kerry to fight for months, years, if necessary, to ensure every
vote in Ohio is counted. Just on the principle, because if the
Chrisitan right gets the message that they can bully black people out
of their votes in Ohio and Florida, they will try it other states.

But as
wrote, there is a much bigger problem here. Even if Kerry wins, over
50% of this country voted to keep a racist, homophobic dictator in
office. How does that make us any better than Iran, pre-invasion
Iraq, or any other of the so-called “Axis of Evil’? We are
the axis of evil.

Best case scenario? This country erupts into riots and civil war, and we
divide up and start over. Worst case scenario? We slip into
complacency, like Germans did pre-World War II while political
dissidents, Jews, queers and non-Aryans were systematically being
rounded up, while everyone else sat back, thinking, ‘at least it’s not


~ by realsupergirl on November 3, 2004.

4 Responses to “Fuck this country”

  1. Yeah, it’s pretty fucking depressing right now.

  2. Yea, I am finally motivated to go out and get a passport.

  3. I kind of hope Bush gets his supreme court places FAST and outlaws abortion – that might just wake america up. I speak as a non-US citizen who doesn’t have to live through that directly, of course.

  4. 58 million voters have sent us all a clear message: There’s no place here for your kind. Shut up or get out.

    I have no intention of shutting up.

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