Your vote counts!

Well, it does. Maybe not on important things like presidential elections, where Karl Rove will make sure it is only counted if you are a part of demographic he believes will vote for the Fuhrer (Blacks, Jews, and queers need not apply) but here, your vote counts.

Kaphine and I are having trouble deciding in which park to have our ceremony. Here are the choices: Park #1 (Longfellow) is cute, small, flat, somewhat sentimental, not very private, and about 2 blocks from our apartment and the reception. Park #2 (Garden Street Glen) is forested, semi-secluded, hilly park about a mile (30 minute walk) from our apartment and the reception site. Park #1 requires a $25 deposit to the Department of Public Works to be ours for the day, while Park #2 requires a letter explaining our existence and negotiation by our committee to be ours for the day. Park #2 is also attached to a larger park (Danehy Park) which carries with it the possiblity of a ballgame going on at the same time as our wedding.

Now, it’s your turn. In which park do you think and I should hold our wedding ceremony, and why?


~ by realsupergirl on December 20, 2004.

16 Responses to “Your vote counts!”

  1. hmm…do you have any guests that would have difficulty making the 30-minute walk? if not, i would say go with garden street glen. it sounds more intimate and romantic. can you reserve the baseball field as well to make sure no game is going on at the time?

  2. I do…potentially. My great aunt, for example, though it’s not clear that she’ll be coming up here (we’re having a reception down in Miami that might be more convenient)…this is part of the dilemma.

    I don’t think they would let us reserve the baseball field as well, if there is a game, there is a game. But I don’t know. The committee would have to discuss this and decide.

  3. #1…I think even having strangers walking by and shouting congratulations would be sweet…

  4. votes for no possibility of a ballgame.

    Although some distractions, e.g., chickens, can be entertaining… we have some video of a rooster providing some background color to the speechifying at our SoCal celebration. It was cute, although possibly not what you might want to remember for the rest of your lives. ;>

  5. Oh, and what’s the date you’re looking at?

  6. Sweet…though perhaps a little distracting…

  7. August 21st. The Sunday of the weekend we indicated in our announcement.

  8. Based on the information Kaphine has provided me previously and the information provided her I would lean toward Park #1. Walking 1 mile there and back to the location while dressed in wedding garb (even somewhat casual wedding garb) sounds like one of those things that wouldn’t be that big of a deal in theory but on the actualy day is a pain in the butt. Especially if less-mobile guests are invited. And I think you and Kaphine would be more annoyed by the ballgame in the background than random passers-by wishing you good luck.

    Additionally, if the one park has sentimentality attached, that seems like the sort of place you want to join your life together. It can be your park.

    Finally, if you’ve got to negotiate terms of the deal for your vows at location #2 there’s a LOT of opportunity for things to go not the way you want them.

  9. Both parks have some sentimental attachment. Both parks will have some traffic noise. The further park wouldn’t be a one-mile walk each way, ’cause you’d arrive there by another t-station. It should’t be too hard to rent a van and appoint a guest to serve as shuttle driver to give rides to those unable to walk the distance. The further park will be shadier, and this is an August afternoon in New England. The nearer park will have no shade where we would set up our ceremony. The further park would be hard to set up chairs if we decided to do so.

    Does that change any votes?

  10. I’m still waiting for photos. 🙂

  11. Yeah, museumgirl requested photos,too. As soon as kaphine’s work buys a new cord for their digital camera, then we’ll be in business.

  12. When photos are taken I would be interested to see the locations, as well as views from the locations of possible distractions. (i.e. are the baseball fields RIGHT THERE, or do you have to squint and imagine to see them in the background) that will affect the final vote, at least from me.

  13. just get yourself out here and I’ll give ya the tour.

  14. RealSuperGirl’s description of the park lists about a half-dozen positives and only one negative (not very private). However, the possibility of a ballgame at park #2 means that single negative might also exist at park #2, which has several other negatives attached. This means, simply mathematically, that park #1 is the better choice.


  15. Park # 1. Even with the shade issue, it’s a lot easier to bring in shade (by renting canopies, for example) than it is to take care of variables like a committee that decides what you get to do and a baseball game.

    (I love that you are doing this in a public park!)

  16. Having seen the pictures (Thanks, Kaphine!), I now vote RESOUNDINGLY for Park #1.

    Here’s why:

    1. With the wall (?) there is a focal point at Park 1 that makes it feel like a good location for a ceremony. Park 2 is a lovely grove of trees, but there’s no FRONT to it, so I sense it would feel like just a bunch of people standing around. (You may have a vision of how you would set it up that would make that not be true, but this is my opinion)

    2. The sports fields seem REALLY close to the reception site. Like a kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing could accidentally hit a fly ball that would roll into the middle of the ceremony.

    3. I know Park 2 offers more shade, but it’s not like you’re going to have the lengthiest ceremony ever. Also, there are some inexpensive things you can do to help mitigate – I’ve seen where folks give little paper fans to guests that you can get for cheap, or probably make something, or umbrellas/parasols to create individual shade spots.

    Also, the reception site looks totally Swank. Two thumbs up!

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