Erosion of our rights: A rant

Quietly, stealthily, our rights are being eroded. In particular,
our right to organize, which is quite literally the only power a worker
has. It is shocking to me that more people do not realize that if
they don’t have a union, their employer can legally fire them for no
reason whatsoever. This is not an exaggeration. And the
Bush admininstration has seen more erosion of people’s rights to
unionize than I have seen in my lifetime. It is not a coicidence:
Bush represents the wealthiest 1% of the country (and lunatic
evangelical Christians), who are by and large the people who own the
corporations for which the idea of their workers having a voice and the right
to advocate for themselves is such a threat.

In the last two days I have been reading the following two stories: One,
a judge rules in Virginia to dismiss the union contract of US Airways
workers because the company is in bankruptcy. Because protecting the
salaries of the millionaire CEOs is more important than protecting the
jobs and salaries of the flight attendants. Was this story anywhere in
the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, or the TV news? No, it was buried
in Google News on the internet. Two,
workers at the Parry Center for Children in Oregon continue to strike,
while management takes steps to violate every labor law that exists and
hire permanent replacements. And the state of Oregon has yet to
step in and say, hey, that’s illegal. Meanwhile, what the
Oregonian won’t tell people is that the Parry Center board, while
telling the $9/hour workers they had no money to offer raises for the
last few years, offered raises to Kim Scott annd Rob Roy, the CEOs of
the Parry Center.

Our rights are being eroded. Did you hear the story about the
district attorney who wants to make it mandatory (punishable by jail
time) for a woman to report if she has a miscarriage? What the fuck?

Our rights are being eroded, and why hasn’t there been a riot? Why
hasn’t someone tried to assassinate Bush, Cheney, and whoever
else? Why haven’t we stormed the White House and demanded the
removal of the dictator who can only “win” by his brother rigging the election in one
state and making sure Black people don’t vote in another?

I want my country back, and I want it now.


~ by realsupergirl on January 7, 2005.

One Response to “Erosion of our rights: A rant”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think part of the problem, though, is that so many of us feel so damn beaten down after the past four years of right wing jingoistic fundamentalist hell and a thoroughly demoralizing election. We keep going back to that well of outrage to fight for this cause or that. At some point the well starts to run dry. Sooner or later we start getting tired of rolling that boulder back up the same damn hill. They only need to win once to tear something down. We have to win every single time to preserve an open, liberal democracy.

    Sorry … I’m feeling powerless and defeatist this morning. Must need more caffeine.

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