A poem

This is for Museumgirl :

The Economics of Dating

For six years, I haven’t been on a date with anyone
other than the person I come home to every night
so maybe I’m out of practice.
But after spending $76 in one evening:
$48 for tickets to a comedy club in Boston
$22 for parking in Boston
and $6 for diet Cokes, because in
Boston clubs you have to order something
I’m come to decide that
dating is expensive. Expensive,
and exhausting. You would think
$76 would guarantee you sex
every time. But my recollection of dating
is that there is a lot more date than there is
sex. The feminist in me squawks at this –
“people can’t be bought like prostitutes!”
but really, who are we kidding? People are
bought and sold all the time, whether it’s disguised
as a wedding ring or a salary raise, or
by how much time and money
you put into courting someone.
We’re all whores in this world,
some of us are just better at it than others.
I was never very good at it, myself.
A friend tells me that I don’t “play the game”
when it comes to gender rules, and I think
the same thing could be said about me and dating.
Odd, because most of the time I love games.
But while a good game of Scrabble will
get you into my pants, trying to
remember whether I’m supposed to
call after two days or five days
or act demure with butch women or
assertive with femme boys
is not my favorite game. And I’m just too practical
to put forth the effort involved in dating –
why go to this sultry restaurant when this food is better
at the Korean deli that resembles my mother’s kitchen?
But who wants to have sex after hanging out
in their mother’s kitchen?
It’s a relief not to be single anymore,
but I’m not so Ellen-and-Anne-on-20/20
as to proclaim I’m immune to the 75% divorce rate
in this country. I know
that I could just as easily be out there and
I thank G-d that I’m not because with me,
the numbers just don’t add up.


~ by realsupergirl on January 24, 2005.

One Response to “A poem”

  1. Wow, a poem dedicated to *me* — thank you! 🙂 And yeah, be very glad you’re not single! If it weren’t for my new job, I don’t know how I’d afford it!

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