If the Spurs don’t bounce back and win this series, I may have to swear off basketball. This can’t be good for my heart. They go up 2-0, and look unbeatable, and then they play two terrible games, and look like they’d get their asses handed to them by a junior varsity team in the suburbs?

In other news, we’re almost ready to send out the wedding invitations. And when I say “almost ready” I mean we’ve got all the pieces picked out and ready to be compiled and addresses and stamped. Argh. They should be in the mail by the end of this week.


~ by realsupergirl on May 16, 2005.

8 Responses to “Argh”

  1. Yeah, yesterday’s game did NOT AT ALL go like I planned it.

    By the way, picture of your mom in yesterday’s Express-News.

  2. I was only following online. What the hell happened? We get beat by freakin’ Luke Ridnour? What, exactly, happened?

  3. Third quarter collapse, basically. Yeah, Luke Ridnour went off, which is hard to type. Also, apparently, the NBA officials no longer call fouls whenever a Spurs player is struck or pushed or tripped.

  4. Yeah, that’s been the rule this whole series. Apparently when George Karl whines to the refs, no one takes him too seriously, but when Ray Allen bawls about how the big, mean Bruce Bowen is p-p-playing d-d-defense (how dare he!), they feel compelled to call a foul any time the Spurs touch the ball.

  5. It would really just be more economical if the refs got out handcuffs and cuffed Bowen to the bench.

  6. I’ve never understood why offense sells more games, anyway. Good defense is so much harder and more interesting to watch.

  7. i’m going to go out on a limb and say the Sonics are going to take this series… as Casey Stengal said “Good hitting beats good pitching, and vice versa”

  8. Uhhhh…

    Spurs are goin’ all the way baby. Once they knock off the Suns, it’s on to the Pistons.

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