A small complaint

This post will probably be meaningless to most of my readers ,
but here I go: While I thoroughly enjoyed the Spurs’ first two
trompings of the Pistons, I found it infurating that the ABC cameramen
could not even keep their cameras facing in the right direction the
whole time.

Three times we at-home viewers missed a play entirely (two were steals
by my new boyfriend, Robert Horry) because the camera was facing the
other direction. ABC seemed more interested in interviewing Eva
Longoria than convering the game, and then after interviewing her,
talking about how proud of themselves they were for not asking her
about whether she is dating Tony Parker. Because basketball is not interesting enough?

Still, I arrived for work this morning in a very good mood. My future
children will be named Ginobli, Duncan, Parker, and Horry. (This is a
reference to the San Antonio couple who really did name their child


~ by realsupergirl on June 13, 2005.

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