Poem by Stephen Dunn

How to Be Happy: Another Memo to Myself
By Stephen Dunn

You start with your own body
then move outward, but not too far.
Never try to please a city, for example.
Nor will the easy intimacy
in small towns ever satisfy that need
you have only whispered in the dark.
A woman is a beginning.
She need not be pretty, but must know
how to make her own ceilings
out of all that is beautiful in her.
Together you must love to exchange
gifts in the night, and agree
on the superfluity of ribbons,
the fine violence of breaking out
of yourselves. No matter,
it’s doubtful she will ever be enough for you,
or you for her. You must have friends
of both sexes. When you get together
you must feel everyone has brought
his fierce privacy with him
and is ready to share it. Prepare
yourself though to keep something back,
there’s a center in you
you are simply a comedian
without. Beyond this, it’s advisable
to have skill. Learn how to make something:
food, a shoe box, a good day.
Remember, finally, there are few pleasures
that aren’t as local as your fingertips.
Never go to Europe for a cathedral.
In large groups, create a corner
in the middle of the room.


~ by realsupergirl on June 22, 2005.

2 Responses to “Poem by Stephen Dunn”

  1. Thanks for that–


  2. Yeah, he’s great. I wrote a poem called “Discovering Stephen Dunn” once…I think I posted it here awhile back (when it was accepted for publication).

    A good friend introduced me to Dunn, and I’ve been in love with him ever since.

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