Big flower (New Orleans, 2004)

Lots of people have posted about Katrina, but I feel compelled to add in a few cents – is in a hotel in Houston right now with her family, gathering their losses. And my mom and dad have several friends who have fled New Orleans who are struggling as well. Including Gillian, who picked me up at the airport last fall when I met my mother there for our mother-daughter trip…

Everyone’s alive, but such loss and devastation is hard. They are all in my thoughts.

Happiness can only come singed with sadness, it seems, as all those who read the bottom of our wedding program know.


~ by realsupergirl on August 30, 2005.

3 Responses to “Big flower (New Orleans, 2004)”

  1. don’t know what i could possibly do, but if panfreak or anyone else out of NOLA needs a hand in Houston, feel free to put them in touch with me, g. at least i can take them out to a bar and feed them booze. or, you know, recommend a great tofu sandwich. whatever’s their speed. talked to a NOLA guy yesterday – the only thing he wanted was to get his wife to a mall. she “needed” to shop. odd what people need in times like that.
    sd in tx

  2. I’ll pass that on to her – you’re the best. xoxo

  3. Not that having a wedding is anything like surviving Katrina, but the day before our big event, I found myself finding a calmer, more relaxed and humorful girl after a Target spree. The time spent had its ramifications (oops, we forgot to pick up the karaoke machine). But the point is, doing something that makes you feel normal under whatever circumstances have you all stressed out. Kinda like in “Oh God!” (one of Realsupergirl’s favorite movies that I would have never watched on my own). When John Denver is freaking out, God (George Burns) tells him to go into the bathroom and shave. After John is half-shaven he asks God why he’s shaving. God replies, “sometimes doing something normal helps you feel normal” or something like that. OK, so I’m rambling. I’ll stop now.

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