Chief Justice Roberts. It’s like Rehnquist, only now for the next forty
years. Goodbye, women’s rights to control their bodies. Goodbye, civil
rights for all citizens. Goodbye, environmental protections. Goodbye, privacy rights and the right to organize and dissent. We are so fucking fucked. This country will go down in history as a neat little experiment in democracy, like Black Mountain College or ancient Greece.

For the record, here’s how the Senate voted.
Kerry and Kennedy voted for this asshole? Give me a fucking
break. What are they thinking? Kennedy better be saving himself
for the world’s longest motherfucking filibuster over O’Connor’s
replacement, or he’s just undone everything he’s accomplished in the
last 30 years.


~ by realsupergirl on September 29, 2005.

7 Responses to “Sigh”

  1. it’s so scary

  2. How are you? We haven’t talked in a few weeks. Give me a call sometime.

  3. Am I reading it wrong, because according to your link both Kerry and Kennedy voted (N)?

  4. Yep, it sucks. There’s not two ways about it.

    NCJW has been working since 2001 to educate the public about federal court nominees. You don’t have to be an NCJW member to sign up at to get targeted, timely updates and action steps you can take for nominees in the future. (Be sure you check — or uncheck — the boxes at the bottom of the form to ensure that you get the updates you want.) Let me know that you’ve signed up.

  5. You think? It looks to me like they voted Y. The lines are a little uneven, and there’s people at the bottom without a Y or an N by their names, though, so maybe I’m reading it wrong.

  6. I just got a list from NCJW’s DC office. Kerry and Kennedy both voted no. Unlike spineless Wyden. Of course, I don’t need to tell you how G. Smith voted.

  7. Thanks for clarifying. I humbly apologize to Kennedy and Kerry and all their descendents. Kennedy is now back in my good graces,

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