Rosh Hashanah 5766

Eternal One, as the new year begins,
We have come together to pray as a congregation;
Yet each of us is strangely solitary in Your presence.

Each of us comes before You with special hopes and dreams;
Each of us has personal worries and concerns.

Each of us has a prayer no one else can utter;
Each of us has praise no one else can offer.

Each of us feels a joy no one else can share;
Each of us has regrets which others cannot know.

And so, we pray:
If we are weary, give us strength;
If we are discouraged, give us hope.

If we have forgotten how to pray, remind us.
If we have been careless of time, forgive us.

If our hearts have been chilled by indifference,
Warm them with Your mercy, and inspire us
With the glowing spirit of this holy night.

–from A Time for Renewal, Rosh Hashanah liturgy compiled by Rabbi Howard Berman and Rabbi Devon Lerner


~ by realsupergirl on October 4, 2005.

2 Responses to “Rosh Hashanah 5766”

  1. awesome

  2. Yeah, this just hit the spot this year…

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