Marry, Date, or Dump?

This is the greatest game ever. Once you mix up the cards that are disturbingly segregated by gender (the game actually comes with a little mehitzah, to keep the genders separate. Feel free to throw that part away. It’s much better when you remove gender as a variable. Isn’t everything?)

We received it as a wedding gift from our friends Patrick & Michael. Tonight we had a particularly entertaining round. Let me share some of it:

I got Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel. Since I have married Monica, I said I would. I’m dating Phoebe, and dumping Rachel. got all three right.

Later, I got Mr. Clean, Mr. T, and Mr. Rogers. Since Mr. Clean is a gay man, I figure I’d be happiest marrying him (since really, I am a gay man) and since Mr. Rogers is just creepy, I dumped him. got Mr. T right, but apparently thought I’d want to marry the child molester and dump the pretty bald gay man. Crazy, I tell you.

Kaphine got Tom Green, Tom Arnold, and Howard Stern, and decided she would marry Drew’s sloppy seconds, date Howard, and dump Tom Arnold. I got them all right.

In our first tiebreaker round, got Zorro, Robin Hood, and the Lone Ranger. She said she’s marry Zorro (sexy, and his politics are good), date Robin Hood, and dump the Lone Ranger. After all, how can you date or marry some one whose name is The LONE Ranger? Lone. That’s a hint. I got them all right.

You’d think since the examples I gave have me winning, that I won, right? But no. Kpahine won by a point, in a second overtime round, because I didn’t think she’s want Bob Marley as her father. Ah well.

Who says marriage is a sacred institution, again?


~ by realsupergirl on October 20, 2005.

4 Responses to “Marry, Date, or Dump?”

  1. We play this here on LJ every once in a while, but we call it “Fuck, Marry, Kill.”

    Poets. Go figure.

    We also usually play it with the names of people we know.

  2. Ooh, I like that. Having a “kill” option would be useful when it comes to some of the choices they give you – like, Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, or Nicole Ritchie. Yikes.

  3. If you opt for the free ride to Portland for Thanksgiving I insist you bring this game with you…. could make for some fun road trippin’!

  4. Yes, it would…

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