Word of the day

Word of the day: keif
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: drowsiness or dreamlike intoxication; also written kef, kief
Etymology: Arabic kaif `enjoyment, pleasure’

Source: Webster’s New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.6) Copyright © 2003-2005 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC (Courtesy of Dictionary.com)

Played in an online Scrabble game with Shelly for 33 points. As in, I am in a keif of joy because I can go home early, and maybe get to bed early.


~ by realsupergirl on November 17, 2005.

5 Responses to “Word of the day”

  1. might we also add that you are, as usual, kicking my arse.

  2. I thought kef was another word for hashish.

  3. keif is also the Hebrew word for fun. Actually, it is the Arabic word for fun, but there is no other Hebrew word that means quite the same thing. (There is a word for pleasure, but not “fun”)

  4. At least in Morocco it is, although the last time I was in Tangier, saying “stuff” in a heavy faux French accent seemed to work just as well.

  5. Huh.
    So, keif means “dreamlike intoxication”, “fun”, and “hashish”? I think I see how this word evolved…

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