Bad news

Politically and personally, Ariel Sharon’s stroke is bad news. And sad news.

It feels weird to be thinking of the political implications of Sharon’s possible death and likely inability to continue governing Israel. But in another weird way, thinking about the political implications seems like the best way to serve a man who loved Israel passionately, as a citizen, a soldier, a Jew, and a leader. So I’m going to say this now – without waiting for the outcome of Sharon’s stroke – I am worried about what this might mean. Israel has not had such a strong and effective leader since Yitzhak Rabin. I am worried what will become of his brand new political party, and what will become of the steps that have been taken toward a ceasefire/peace.


~ by realsupergirl on January 5, 2006.

4 Responses to “Bad news”

  1. You should check out this entry by Victor Infante (). I think you two would get along really well.

  2. Perhaps if we ever make it out to a poetry slam again (jeez, it’s been too long) I’ll get to meet him…does he go to the Cantab? Did I see him read the Night of Adam-worshipping Poetry?

  3. He was not there for The Carnival of Modesty, and rarely makes it out to The Cantab. He’s a Worcesterite with a great sense of writing. He’s also married to a woman with a great sense of writing. (she’s )

  4. I’ve been meaning to go to Worcester some time. I’d like to hear ‘s work…and meet him.

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