How I spent my birthday

Beluga whales
Originally uploaded by realsupergirl.

Did you know that beluga whales, as big and majestic as they are, make the most ridiculous little squeaky noises? It’s hysterical. It sounds like they’re giggling.

I spent my birthday with them, along with the juvenile penguin who was so enchanted with the few snowflakes that fell that he was catching them with his mouth. I think I like animals better than humans.

But tonight, as I stay up too late, not ready to go back to work tomorrow, I am struck by sadness because I am so far away from a close friend at the time of the birth of her child. We could move back. But is it worth the marriage we just celebrated six months ago becoming illegal? But when/if we have children, I want them to grow up near our friends’ children. So hard.

Of course, this sadness might also have something to do with the phone call with my aunt and uncle, in which, among other things, the plan of what to do with my grandparents’ things was discussed. Do I want their bed? Is it worth shipping it? But more importantly, does this mean this era is really over?

So, good night. I am 33 now. The age of Jesus. “A meaningless coincidence for a nice Jewish girl,” my mother wrote in a poem. So it is.

(P.S. If you click on the picture and look closely, you can see the reflection of my girl in the glass.)


~ by realsupergirl on February 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “How I spent my birthday”

  1. Them’s them whales what they make caviar out of, ain’t it?

  2. And that’s why you scored so high on the evil meme…

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