Bad Art

We journeyed out to Dedham, MA to check out the Museum of Bad Art, which is housed in by the men’s room the basement of the Dedham Community Theater, a really cute movie theater. The location really adds something. We saw Mrs. Henderson Presents and had dinner at Deli After Dark, which turned out to be excellent. Who knew Dedham had anything worth visiting?

MoBA inspired a business plan – I want to start a small pub theater that specializes in bad movies, a la the “Bad Movie Board” when I was at Reed. We’d charge a couple bucks, and people would support us by buying beer and pizza, a la the Bagdad. But we’d only show the best of the worst, like Zardoz and Wild in the Streets. Anyone want to give me the money to start this up?


~ by realsupergirl on March 12, 2006.

4 Responses to “Bad Art”

  1. I haven’t read LJ in over a week and this is the first posting I see — and I love it! I think it is a fantastic idea and would actually probably go over really well in Cambridge. If I had money to give, I would give it.

  2. 1) If I HAD money…

    2) I have an original Sanford Winslow, who is the one artist who ever had his own show at the MoBA!

  3. There’s a crazy woman from Minnesota whose got quite a collection up at MoBA right now…can’t remember her name…

  4. I guess Sandy was the first, I should have considered that with the passage of time he wouldn’t be the only.

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