Looking up

Looking up
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Whenever I go back to Portland, I leave wanting to move back. But when I’m here, I remember all the things I love about Cambridge and all the things I’d miss if I left. It’s like my heart is constantly being split in two. Too bad I’m not an amoeba or I could just split in two and form two separate life forms.

Shanamadele and Pumpkin were wonderful hosts, and their new little Butternut is too cute for words. I got to see and and and as well as a few friends who don’t have livejournals. Hahahaha.

I got to spend some real quality time with my surrogate aunt Pam as well, which was important. She said to me “I can tell when I look at you that you’re wondering if this will be the last time I see you.” But the thing was, until she said that, I hadn’t been thinking that. She’s doing wonderfully, and is the same vibrant and amazing person she always is. If anything, I just appreciate her now more than ever before. We get so precious little time on this earth, with each other. Why waste so much of it being pissy about people’s driving or doing things I don’t want to do? “Seize the fish,” as my mother’s student once said – she was mistranslating the phrase “Carpe diem.” Seize the fish.


~ by realsupergirl on June 2, 2006.

13 Responses to “Looking up”

  1. I like “carpe dentum”: sieze the tooth!

  2. love this photo. sounds like a blast!!

    see ya tomorrow night!

  3. that was me

  4. I like that too, save for the spelling error.
    Who is this, BTW?

  5. It was great to see you — even we contribute to your split personality. Great snapshots of Portland….they provide a good feel for life here–but where are the photos of your beloved friends and the great food?

  6. I am always cautious about posting photos of people online, which is why I didn’t post any yet. But I have some great ones, and I’ll at least upload them to my Flickr.

  7. That photo turned out well — I remember that you told me about taking it.

    Miss you — we love to have you stay with us, it works out well that you experience us as wonderful hosts. Maybe you’ll come back.

  8. I would come back every weekend if I could afford it.

    Well, at least once a month. More than that and the travel time might kill me.

  9. It should read “even though we contribute to your split personality.”

    One of the downfalls of being a “big picture” as opposed to a “detail oriented” person is that my brain fills in missing words and corrects typos so that I don’t see them. There is probably at least one typo in this “correction” post.

    Alas, there are far worst burdens to carry, so I am not complaining, just explaining…..

  10. I think that’s a pretty common human error. We all make terrible copy editors for ourselves. Some of us make better copy editors for others than others of us…OK, now that was just a grammatically confusing sentence. Oh well.


  11. It will be a while before we see each other again (in Portland), but I am counting on you and your honey/spouse coming east, far east, to visit me. Let’s rendezvous in Vienna.

  12. Oh, that was me; I’ve been breaking in a new computer. No wonder you didn’t recognize me; that’s an historic typo! (=

  13. Yup, there is…


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