Last Comic Standing

I love this concept of this show, and I hate on principle almost all reality shows.

But I love stand-up comedy. I love to laugh, and I love good writing, and I harbor secret ambitions of being a stand-up comedian someday, though I’m not sure I could ever do it.

The first three seasons were decent ones, even though the end results were not how I would have liked. Generally speaking, the finalists they selected were all quite talented, and the competitions they had for them to showcase different types of talent were excellent. In the first show, a relative newbie named Dat Phan (aka datphan) won, despite having a much more limited range of material. He just simply put on a great show, and the audience responded to it. The next year John Heffron won, and he was excellent. Not my favorite, but that’s mostly a personal preference. Then they had the finalists from the previous two years compete, and a runner-up from one year, Alonzo Bodden, won. He was also excellent.

I can appreciate that not everyone appreciates the sophisticated, intelligent humor of Rob Cantrell, or the twisted, dark humor of Dave Mordal.

But this summer’s season of Last Comic Standing is setting off to be a disaster. It may even become unwatchable. The quality of the comedians they selected for finalists is ABOMINABLE. No exaggeration. One woman was likely selected solely because she is pregnant, which I suspect the producers believe will make for interesting drama. With a few exceptions, every single finalist they chose was terrible, and they passed up dozens of more talented entrants.

Judging by other bloggers’ commentary about the show, I am not totally out of sync here. Therefore, I have to conclude that the producers are more interested in sparking drama between people than in establishing the most talented comedian. Which would be fine, except that if that’s the case, they should change the name of the stupid fucking show.

Still, it was more interesting to watch than Dirk Nowitzki’s ugly mug in the NBA Finals last night.


~ by realsupergirl on June 14, 2006.

2 Responses to “Last Comic Standing”

  1. “I harbor secret ambitions of being a stand-up comedian someday, though I’m not sure I could ever do it.”

    You, too, huh?

  2. Yeah. You do too? Perhaps we could become a comedy duo and call ourselves the 2 Live Jews…

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