More on Robin Young

Now that I’ve confessed my crush on Robin Young’s voice (can you have a crush on a voice?) I thought I’d share that today I did a little research on the rest of her, too.

Turns out, she looks a little like a ’50’s housewife and is probably a little old for me. On the other hand, I found this article and photo in which I learned the following things:

a) 2 years ago she looked pretty hot in glasses.

b) she used to be a “cutting edge” television anchor for a local Boston news show.

Oh, and 3) she describes her hair as “unruly.” Is that not awesome? Do you not love her now?


~ by realsupergirl on July 14, 2006.

4 Responses to “More on Robin Young”

  1. I can identify.

    More entertainingly: I once had a boyfriend who assiduously avoided learning anything, especially about the looks, of radio personalities, especially Terri Gross. He once knocked other pedestrians off the curb in the course of ducking behind me to keep from seeing a flyer about an upcoming talk by her.

  2. has a major crush on Terry Gross.

  3. yes, you can certainly have a crush on a voice (I know I do, with both men and women out there).

  4. Hi! Welcome! How did you find me?

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