Toni’s All Nighter

Toni Amato hosted an all night writing workshop last night. His last writing workshop in his current home. After writing, snacking, laughing, napping, and writing some more, we walked to the park at sunrise, came home and wrote and ate pancakes. Then we came home, slept, read slept some more, and headed out to the Boston Common for a free performance of The Taming of the Shrew with other Reed alumni. It was a good production.

Sunrise in Raymond Park, Cambridge MA

In my in-between state –
half-awake and half-asleep
I am thinking and feeling many things
a combination of memory and
very alive-senses
happening all at once
It’s a weird state to be in
On the one hand I’m focused on here
and now – even walking takes
conscious effort and precision.
I hold the banisters going downstairs
I notice as I walk freely
and stretch that my balance
is wobbly. It hasn’t fully woken up
and yet the rest of my body
has. I am also recalling memories
of this park –
Five years ago, with Daybreak Day Camp
playing Blob Tag on the field
and regular tag on the play structure.
Further back, I remember sunrises in Israel;
that was how I saw much of the country
because in Israel it is too hot to hike
past noon. I watched the sun rise from
atop Masada, and in the Sinai ,
and in the Negev desert.
Here the sensations are different.
Instead of dry air and desert
there is squishy grass beneath my feet
and last night’s rain
hanging from the trees. There are
birds, and they too are beginning to wake up.
They are talking to one another, chasing one another,
and fleeing their trees
when I walk by. I didn’t intend
to scare them; perhaps this is why
I feel strangely protective
of the wriggling earthworm on the sidewalk.
Wanting to make sure he makes it across
safely, without being stepped on.
I am disturbing the morning,
so I try to become still and quiet.
Slowly, though, other things disturb this moment –
a taxi cab driver,
a fire truck, another car.
The sky wakes up, and I notice puddles in the field
I didn’t see before, and
on the way back, flowers in yards
that didn’t seem to exist
on the way out. Smells of plants
that hadn’t awakened
still another sense
now linger in my nose.
This moment
couldn never last
but it gives birth to ones
that might not have ever come
had this moment
not preceded it.
Like ancient Jews before me
I say quietly to myself:
Shema Yisrael
Adonai Eloheinu
Adonai Echad.


~ by realsupergirl on July 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “Toni’s All Nighter”

  1. HEY
    i love this
    thanks for posting it

  2. Thank you!

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