A welcome escape

Last night, we paid way too much to catch Another Gay Movie at Kendall Square Cinema. We rarely go to movies that aren’t matinees, because they’re so goddamn expensive, but we needed an escape from all the drama and anxiety of buying a home, not to mention cleaning our current home in expectation of people possibly coming over, and the day-to-day drama and anxiety of having one of us in a transitional state of employment. We needed an escape.

It’s clearly billed as a parody, and it visually conveys that from the first scene, which includes the name of their high school (San Torum High) and the drag queen Lypsinka as one character’s mother.

Basically, it takes the concept of American Pie, with all its crude humor, and applies it to adolescent gay boys, post-coming out, because, as one character says, “Coming out is so passe bourgeois.”

But it’s actually pretty daring in concept, because if there’s one sex act people don’t talk about except in homophobic humor, it’s anal sex. And that’s the one sex act the four boys pledge to experience before the end of the summer, which means the whole movie is pretty boundary pushing. It’s very John Waters-esque in its nihilism, absurdity, wrapped in a nice bouquet of compassion. It’s not often you see a parody in which all four of the main characters come off seemingly like real people. There’s even an extra who looks so much like Divine it kind of freaked me out.

It’s freaking hysterical, and pretty smart, as well. Cameos by the comedian Ant and Survivor winner and tax evader Richard Hatch included. I highly recommend you go see it.


~ by realsupergirl on September 4, 2006.

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