Five Years Ago

do you remember
how the radio played Moby’s
“Why does my heart feel so sad”
and it just seemed to hit the spot
where it hurt the most,
like a salve, like Neosporin.

do you remember how you went to work
because work was 24 hours
and the patients
didn’t have the option
of not coming in,
and how all the televisions were blaring
for the whole ten hours,
but you all made art anyway.

do you remember how the day started
with routinely checking your email
but then you noticed
the “news flash” blinking
on the top of Yahoo’s web page.

do you remember remembering
that night in Israel
when you heard that Rabin had been shot
while watching Pulp Fiction
in Hebrew
and staying on a kibbutz
with a friend of a friend’s family.

do you remember how surreal it all felt
no matter how many times
you watched it happen
on the television replays

do you remember
running away to Walden Pond
because the television and radio
and internet
all became too much
and you had to be around trees and beauty
and quiet, to remind yourself
it still existed.


~ by realsupergirl on September 11, 2006.

One Response to “Five Years Ago”

  1. I especially like the last part, because that’s what I always do with the unreal…I go to the woods or mountains and remind myself that trees and dogs and animals continue unknowingly and somehow, this helps.

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