Are we done yet?

I think (crossing my fingers now, knocking wood as well) we may be done with the P&S.

Which leaves us exactly two weeks to get to closing. Oy. Apparently title searches can take up to two weeks to complete. However, the addendum to the P&S that our lawyer negotiated, which our realtor referred to as “a beautiful document” and noted several things he wished he’d had in his, includes obtaining a similar mortgage rate if the closing has to be pushed back, among other all sorts of other goodness. We won’t be giving notice in our currenty apartment till after closing, which will add an extra month to get this all taken care of, and to do the work we want to do, and to move in.

In other news, my fantasy basketball team is just about all set. I’m pretty pleased. However, I have a terrible record so far in fantasy sports. I have to learn to suspend my interest in superior defense for the purposes of fantasy sports – it doesn’t pay off in this venue.

Here’s my roster, for those interested. I’ve been approached for a couple trades, so a few tweakings may occur. The numbers in parentheses are their current ranking for fantasy value.

1. (13) C. Billups PG
2. (16) P. Pierce SG,SF
3. (41) R. Wallace PF
4. (44) A. Nocioni SF
5. (69) T. Chandler C
6. (72) A. Bogut PF,C
7. (97) K. Perkins PF,C
8. (100) D. Stoudamire PG
9. (125) C. Duhon PG
10. (128) Ja. Williams PG
11. (153) M. Harpring SG,SF
12. (156) J. Howard SF,PF
13. (181) J. Jeffries SG,SF
14. (132) D. Wesley, SG
15. (175) L. Wright, C


~ by realsupergirl on October 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “Are we done yet?”

  1. Ain’t you know it football season?

  2. Football? What’s that of which you speak? The only sport with a ball I know of, boy, is the one with the big orange ball and the hoop.

    (That is, of course, now that the Red Sox aren’t competing in the playoffs)

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