A milestone

New CD Storage
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After eight years, we’ve finally consolidated our CDs into one collection. What’s more, we even eliminated most of our duplicates. All of them, in fact, except Cowboy Junkies Miles from Home (it’s sentimental) and Laura Love Octoroon ( likes having it at work so much she never brings it back).

See, when we first moved out here, we knew a woman who had just broken up with her boyfriend, and was bitter and resentful about having gotten rid of all her duplicate CDs when they moved in together, and was now trying to obtain her own copies again. So we decided it was bad luck, a jinx of sorts, to get rid of our duplicate CDs.
And since we each have our own storage system, it made sense to keep our collections separate.

But then we saw this fabulous CD storage unit at IKEA, and decided now was the time.

After all, we’ve gotten married. We’re buying real estate together. If consolidating our CD collection is a jinx, what are those things? We might as well go on 20/20 and declare our love is forever, a la Ellen and Anne. OK, maybe not.


~ by realsupergirl on October 9, 2006.

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