Zorba the Greek

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Why can’t joy ever be more than fleeting? Why is it always followed by sadness, or coupled with anxiety?

It’s been a busy weekend. ‘s sister was in town, so we took her over to have our first meal in our new condo: homemade Caesar salad and ordered in pizza, sitting on our hardwood floors. We took a fascinating tour of the Jewish history of Boston with our rabbi. We went to Jessica’s house for a sleepover, which largely consisted of consuming large amounts of alcohol, watching movies, and playing Apples to Apples. And we had a little drama here and there, which felt like the exhale after a long period of holding our breath.

And then this afternoon, I came home to a message from my parents – their dog, Zorba, died this morning. Came back from a joyous walk, and just began shaking, and then died. Quick and painless, but terribly, terribly sad. He was such a good dog. So full of life, just like his namesake.

It’s all so fleeting.

Hazak hazak veneet hazech. Be strong, be strong, and let us strengthen one another.

~ by realsupergirl on October 22, 2006.

6 Responses to “Zorba the Greek”

  1. Sorry about your parent’s dog. He looks like a cutie.

  2. Thank you…I’m so surprised to see your comment. I think this post got buried on everyone’s friends’ page.

  3. I am so sorry Eve. I love Zorba and I always wanted to steal him away and take him home with me. I know he was dear to you. I love you.

  4. Thank you…who is this? Tricia?

  5. yes, sorry. i didn’t realize it would make me anonymous. it’s just tricia here in texas šŸ™‚

  6. Sorry, I have been intermittent on LJ. Sad to hear about Zorba. He looks like a sweetheart.

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