“That person has expired,”
the woman on the other end
of the phone line said
After twenty minutes of phone transfers
and explaining who I was looking for
to seven different people
There it was.
What I most didn’t want to hear
What cannot ever
be argued with
or disputed
There it was.
Like yogurt or beer
left in my fridge too long
Like a driver’s license
or passport
that you don’t have the time to renew.
Just like that
No chance for renewal
It all comes crashing
to an end.


~ by realsupergirl on October 26, 2006.

7 Responses to “Expired”

  1. *sympathy*

  2. I don’t know the situation that inspired this, but as a piece of writing it is beautifully composed and structured.

  3. Thank you. I just found out someone I’ve known well for four years died.

  4. Thanks…

  5. I’m so sorry. I could come away with that much from the piece, but did not necessarily want to assume it was true to life. Writing is a positive way of coping.

  6. hugs

  7. Thank you…

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