Poll: Relationships

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

“No matter what their conscious intentions, most people are attracted to mates who have their caretakers’ positive and negative traits, and, typically, the negative traits are more influential.” (Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love that You Want)

2. Do you agree or disagree with this follow-up statement?

“You realize that your love relationship has a hidden agenda – the healing of childhood wounds.” (Ibid.)

Oh, and discuss, please.


~ by realsupergirl on March 14, 2007.

17 Responses to “Poll: Relationships”

  1. Hmmm. I think that many of the women I have been attracted to had my mom’s positive traits but I’ll have to think more about the negative traits. Indeed, it hadn’t even occurred to me until now that my mother MIGHT have negative traits, just things which annoy me personally.

    I absolutely agree with the second, but suspect that much of mature adulthood is built around healing childhood wounds: it just shows up more explicitly in intimate relationships.

  2. Maybe certain “positive” traits are necessarily linked to certain “negative” traits, and the one cannot happen without the other in a personality.

    Ferrinstance, if someone is creative and prone to flights of fancy, that person may be more likely to float from one project to the next without finishing or cleaning up after the first project.

    Really logical, intelligent people can be pedantic. Really empathetic people can be prone to melodrama. I think it’s less about healing childhood wounds and more about “goes with the territory.” If you like and love your parents (which I do), of course you will be attracted to people who remind you of them (i.e., people who share their personality traits and possibly resemble them in appearance).

    Our parents have a HUGE amount to do with who we become/are, so it stands to reason that they have an influence on our partner choices.

  3. “If you like and love your parents (which I do), of course you will be attracted to people who remind you of them (i.e., people who share their personality traits and possibly resemble them in appearance). ”

    But that would then assume people who have terrible parents (emotionally neglectful, abusive, alcoholic, etc) would look to avoid their parents – the opposite of which is usually true.

    Also, “childhood wounds” does not have to be traumatic – all people fail us, because they are human. The theory is, we seek in our partners to heal whatever particular way our early providers failed us.

  4. “I absolutely agree with the second, but suspect that much of mature adulthood is built around healing childhood wounds: it just shows up more explicitly in intimate relationships”

    I definitely agree with that – I think it can happen in boss-worker relationships, and friendships, as well, for example…

  5. Thats a strange way of looking at things I think…I thought the new trend in counseling was behavior modification and not Freudian analysis. I think, personally, I look for people to be in my life who are compatible and are seeking similar ideas/pleasure/fulfillment as myself. I see adult hood as working to make ourselves better each day because we’ve had time to see where our weaknesses lie. Also, I think we are attracted to people like our parents because they were our first role models of what adult hood should look like. Irregardless of their imperfections or wonderments. they were the first persons we sought for care, nourishment, and acceptance. It only makes sense for us to continue seeking comfort from similar individuals.

  6. Disagree on both counts. There are CERTAIN positive and negative traits that Sweetie shares with my parents (see: humor, corny sense of), but there are also ways in which he is very much not like them.

    And my childhood wounds are being healed directly with the parents, so no need to get a middle man involved.

  7. 1. Sure, to some extent, but not like in an all-out Freudian way. What we do now is shaped by what went on in the past, so we can relate it. But we obviously can’t make an equation and say that “all people who experienced X will later Y.” People and relationships are more complicated than that.

    2. Why does it have to be hidden? We humans do things primarily to get our needs met. If we’re basically healthy people, we try to balance our various needs and communicate about what we need. I’m sure there’s some “healing of childhood wounds” going on in there for most of us. But it doesn’t have to be some creepy “hidden” thing. Looking to get our needs met (in healthy or unhealthy ways) is a lifelong mission, really.

  8. Obviously Hendrix isn’t saying we replicate our parents completely – that would be impossible, since we’re all unique people. But I think what he would say is that the qualities that you were most drawn to/troubled by/hurt by/etc in your parents are the particular qualities you unconsciously seek out in your partner. And that while you do this to repeat –or hopefully re-work–old patterns, this certainly does not preclude working things through in a more direct way with your parents themselves.

  9. I like the thought of that, to constantly re-work things until they are right and good. I can see that pattern in so many folks that are always doing the same things with the same results but never seem to learn.

  10. 1) I need more information, which means that I essentially disagree. Why are negative traits more influential?

    I suppose it might be tied up with 2), with which I agree, more or less. As eeka13 said, why does it have to be hidden? And, as you pointed out, many of us are working out the healing of childhood wounds in lots of our adult relationships.

  11. cosette77, I just want to say, yes, yes, yes positive/negative traits. So, there, I said it.

  12. Why are the negative traits more influential? I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with human nature in general. Why do “flashbulb memories” (clear, precise, photographic memories of traumatic events) only occur for negative events, and not for positive ones? Why do we tend to remember our embarrassing moments more than our accomplishments? I think it has something to do with how emotionally charged they are – positive memories are wonderful, but happiness is more fleeting than sadness or trauma, and that emotional charge is what embeds it in our memory more firmly.

  13. Yeah, but why? Why does trauma embed in our memory more firmly? Is that a biological thing, to keep us safe and alive? Damn — my love of science really has made philosophy much less interesting, now that I believe that so much of human nature can be understood by human biology.

    So, then my question is, what kind of sense does it make to be attracted to mates that share your parents’ negative traits? Is there some kind of biological drive because their negative traits kept you safe and you want to continue to benefit from that sense of safety?

  14. Hendrix writes this about the question you ask:
    “The part of your brain that directed your search for a mate, however, was not logical…what your old brain was trying to do was re-create the conditions of your upbringing, in order to correct them…attempting to return to the scene of your original frustration so that you could resolve unfinished business.”

    Don’t know if that helps, but it seem to me to make intuitive sense that if we have something that is unresolved (and we all do) that we are constantly searching resolution for them, and that therefore we replay that our in our relationships over and over again until we get it “right.”

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  17. You made your point weeks ago in the post when this was the topic. Or, if it wasn’t you making the point, someone else was. Do you have an opinion about the quote? Cause that’s what we’re discussing now.

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