A poem

Wrote this a few minutes ago. We’ve moved to a much more Jewish area, and I spent the morning running errands around our neighborhood.


I envy them
Their faith seems so clear,
their path seems pre-destined.
I see them
walking to and from shul
wearing their black hats
black blazers
white shirts
and peiyot.
The women always looks so serene
even with four children in tow
and without access to the shul
and the Torah
where, for me,
the excitement is.
I understand the appeal
Jonah saw in their life
Yet it seems so far away,
so impossible.
I too went to Israel
and studied with the Orthodox,
heard the urgency to make aliyah.
Yet I walked away
knowing if I didn’t,
it would reject me.
There can be no faith
without acceptance.
There can be no acceptance
without faith.


~ by realsupergirl on March 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “A poem”

  1. Nice poem… I like the part about the serenity… but I think some of us are not cut out for the serenity that comes from unquestioning faith… That kind of serentity is incompatible with questioning and exploration… Besides, if I were Eve(not you the biblical one), I would have totally eaten the apple… ensuring a life with very little serentity… but it’s worth a little wisdom… Besides, anybody can look serene… Maybe they fake it… But I digress…
    Nice Poem

    PS. I think it’s your turn to play scrabble

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read it and offer your thoughts…I thought maybe it had gotten buried and no one saw it…

  3. It was buried, but then I was bored and actually went back in time through some LJ that I had not had a chance to read…. Happy times in Miami!

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