Poll: Matzah

Are you sick of matzah yet?


~ by realsupergirl on April 5, 2007.

8 Responses to “Poll: Matzah”

  1. No, but then I never have to eat it, so for me it’s a treat.

  2. No! Then again I was a little disappointed when I realized that Passover wasn’t over until Tuesday. For some odd reason, I thought it was over on Sunday.

  3. No yet. Close, though.

  4. No polling participation for this goy, but seems a good opportunity to wish you a Happy Passover!

  5. you can still participate, you know.

    I suspect you have less reason to be sick of matzah, however.

  6. Nope.

  7. even though i sort of think i am, i am actually not. when i pull the sheet out of the box, I am like, hello, matzah! and i am smiling.and crunching it up so it wads all up in my teeth and gums i am thinking thinking, oh, yes, sweet, sweet matzah.

    much of this may be due to the fact that according to studies, people eat about the same volume every day no matter what the ‘energy density’ or whatever crap they call it. So, despite, say, a tanker breakfast of matzah, pb (yeah), and chocolate spread followed by 2 chocolate macaroons, which contains almost enough fuel for the entire next 24 hours, by the time I break for lunch I am starving.

    So, gimme more bread! of affliction!

  8. I love matah! I was at a friend’s Seder Tuesday and ate as much as I could with haroset and horseradish. I’m not Jewish, so it’s an exotic treat for me.

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