Fantasy Roster update

I won the championship! Woo hoo! Too bad there’s no money in this league. The only bet I put money down on was with my father, and I lost that one. I bet him $10 the Blazers would be the worst team in the NBA this year. Not even close on that one. I believe that dubious honor goes to my own hometown Celtics. No, even Memphis was worse than they were this year.

Anyway, I had to make some last minute changes that broke my heart. Paul Pierce and Tyson Chandler shut down for the season due to injuries, so I dumped them. Al Jefferson was reportedly shut down for the season, but then came back for the last 3 games. My opponent in the Fantasy Finals picked him up off waivers. Doh. I also dumped Brent Barry and James Posey, and added Sheldon Williams, Francisco Garcia, Derek Anderson, and Mikki Moore.

Up until yesterday I was trailing 5-7, but after last nights’ games, I won 6-4. All categories were close. After leading in rebounds all season, I actually lost that category in the Finals. I won FG %, FT %, 3 pointers made, Points scored, Assists, and Blocks. We tied in FGs made and FTs made.

Meanwhile, on to Fantasy Baseball. I’m actually in two of Yahoo’s leagues, because I realized the first one wasn’t a Head-to-Head, and I like that style better. My roster in the boring league is sucking it up right now, so we’ll ignore that one. In the other league, currently my roster is looking pretty good. Right now I’ve got Brandon Webb, A.J. Burnett, Rich Hill, Derek Lowe, John Garland, Rafael Soriano, and J.J. Putz as my pitchers. I’ve got Big Papi, Ian Kinsler, Jason Varitek, Chipper Jones, Hanley Ramirez, Ichiro Suzuki, Brad Wilkerson, Ty Wiggington, Nick Swisher, Rafael Furcal, Gary Sheffield, Chad Tracy, and Ray Durham on my roster.


~ by realsupergirl on April 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Fantasy Roster update”

  1. Wow. I have only the vaguest idea what you just said, but congratulations!

  2. Thanks! (I’ll take congrats where I can get it)

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