Up too late last night

Spurs gave away Game 4 last night. No, the refs have it away, but the Spurs let them. For 3 quarters, the refs called twice as many fouls on the Spurs than they did on the Suns, and called them for ridiculous offensive fouls while allowing the Suns (marshmallow) to plow through the Spurs, yet the Spurs played through it and maintained a 10 point lead for most of 3 quarters.

Then the fourth quarter came, and they just fell apart. Popovich should have left Duncan in with 5 fouls, and the Spurs should have just kept pressuring the Suns hard. Force the refs to foul people out, if that’s they way they’re going to call it. Manu missed important layups. And Horry lost it, and clocked Nash. Now, when the gentleman of the basketball world, Robert Horry, loses it, you know the frustration’s pretty high. But he was suspended, and several Suns should be suspended for leaving the bench.

The good news is (marshmallow)that reading Tony Parker’s postgame quotes, it sounds like the team is fired up, and that usually is good news for the Spurs. I expect them to come out and dominate them in Game 5, and I’m sticking with my initial prediction of closing this out in Game 6.

(Marshmallow – Oh, you noticed that. The former headmaster at the private school I attended (free tuition, as my dad taught there) once wrote “marshmallow” in the margins of his students papers to see if they actually read his comments. Most of the time they didn’t notice. Just like I know that most of you reading this blog glaze over when I’m babbling about sports.)


~ by realsupergirl on May 15, 2007.

11 Responses to “Up too late last night”

  1. ::grin:: Marshmallow.

  2. It was terrific fun (marshmallow yourself) to see the Suns go 16-3 to close out the game.

    Rome was funny today, though. He talked about possibly having an “A-list actor” on the show, and someone e-mailed in to say, “You mean, Steve Nash is coming on the show?” Heh.

  3. It was terrific fun (marshmallow yourself) to see the Suns go 16-3 to close out the game

    Ugh. It was fricking painful.

    The more I think about it, the more I put this one one Duncan. He had a couple key turnovers in the final minutes that really blew it, and he missed some shots and free throws.

    The good news is, after a bad game, Duncan usually comes out fired up and dominates.

    Spurs in 6.

  4. Didn’t see the game, but here are some numbers:

    First quarter fouls: 4 each
    Second quarter fouls: 5 each
    Third quarter fouls: 3 on Phx, 7 on SA
    Fourth quarter fouls: 5 on Phx, 10 on SA (but three of those were in the final minute, when they needed to foul)

    So, through three quarters, the foul count was 16-12. Hardly “twice as much.” And with one minute to play, the foul count was 23-17. Certainly within a standard deviation of the mean, and hardly “giving the game away.”

    In any event, it’s not the refs’ job to call an equal number of fouls on each team. (I love it when fans and coaches ask me to “even up the foul count.” Huh? I don’t have control over who fouls!)

    I suspect you’re watching with your heart, and not your eyes. We all do it (until we don the stripes for a couple of years). No harm in that, but you probably should ease up on the accusations of impropriety.

    This will sound snarky, but it’s sincere…I will buy you your first shirt and whistle if you decide to officiate. The way I did it was that I called the school district and asked for the athletic department, then asked for the phone number to call.

    You love the game and have a fiery, passionate sense of justice. That’s 80% of what you need to be a good official. You’d be great. Join us. Honest.


  5. I appreciate the numbers. I don’t actually think the NUMBER of fouls that was called was a problem, just the types of fouls.

    But, I also don’t think the fouls, or the refs, are why the Spurs lost. The game was called in ways that pissed me off for 3 quarters, yet they took an 11 point lead into the middle of the fourth quarter. Then they just sort of collapsed.

    BTW, this series, you may know, is now also marred by the aftermath of Horry’s hard foul. Horry was suspended for 2 games, and Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudemire left the bench and headed toward the altercation, which the NBA has enforced repeatedly as an automatic suspension. So, now it’s no longer two great teams battling, but two weakened teams battling, and letting things get out of control. Taking basketball way too seriously.

  6. You say “The refs gave it away” and “I also don’t think the fouls, or the refs, are why the Spurs lost.” Those are opposites–you can’t say both.

    I have only had one big brawl in eight years of officiating. Seventh-grade girls. Man, that was a bad day. I know a bunch of girls sat out some games after that. Another girl got her second T for shouting “Fuck you!!!!” at an opponent’s mother. The bitchy team’s coach was an awful guy…I blame him. You reap what you sow.

    After that paragraph is a tough time to ask, but would you consider putting on some stripes? Starting with some little kids and working up?

  7. Perhaps.

  8. After 33 first-half points in Game 5? I’m not liking this.

  9. Yeah, this is an ugly, ugly game. yet, Spurs up with 5.5 seconds to go.

  10. Whew.

    Of course, there’ll be a big fat asterisk on this series now.

  11. Ah, fuck the haters.

    There will be no asterisk is they win. Suns will have a chance in Game 6, at full strength. But the Spurs are just better.

    I’m glad this ugliness is over. Now they can get back home to SA and try and close this out. Spurs played scared (like they were afraid of fouling) and couldn’t hit a shot for most of Game 5. It was a tough situation to play through, on someone’s hostile court at a time like that. Now they can get this series back to normal and beat the Suns at full strength.

    I think they missed Horry last night, though.

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