Well, that’s a relief

You’ll be happy to know, Good has prevailed over Evil. All is well in the world, after all:

Players in this game, and the final scores were:-
P1 – Evil | | Score = 364
P2 – Good | | Score = 380
Well done Good, you won by 16 points!


~ by realsupergirl on June 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Well, that’s a relief”

  1. Where are you playing online?

    Also, starting tonight, Good is going to prevail over Mostly Mediocre, if you get my drift.

  2. I play at http://www.thepixiepit.co.uk/scrabble/index.htm. They charge $10 a year membership, for unlimited play. Totally worth it.

    I’m not taking the Cavs lightly. If Lebron can almost singlehandedly demolish the Pistons, they’re going to present some problems.

    But yeah, Spurs should be able to win. I’m predicting it will go to 6 games. Maybe 5.

  3. Dude, I wanna play you.

  4. Heh heh.

    Ok. Sign up! I use my gmail account. Which one do you want to use?

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