My foot, our walls, no more houseguest


It was so wonderful to see you and get to spend a whole week hanging out with you. Hope we didn’t make you too crazy. A week is a long time to stay with someone. 

Ow. My left foot just needs to be chopped off.  My little toe is banged up from dropping a Pyrex measuring cup on it, and my middle toe is banged up from trying to move a heavy chair when I was really too sleepy to understand visual-spatial relations.  

And what the fuck is going on with our walls?  We’ve had 3 pieces of art and 1 bookshelf fall down, because the stupid Command strips are falling off.  We think it might be the heat.  Shit fuck damn.  It sucks.  We’ve now got a stack of art that needs new glass, some painting to do, and we have to figure out whether to try new Command strips when it’s not so hot, or try nails, which make the plaster crumble and put holes in the walls.  Grrr.  

None of this is a disaster, but it’s all very annoying. And it’s fucking hot.  Could it stop being so fucking hot, please? It makes me cranky.   



~ by realsupergirl on July 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “My foot, our walls, no more houseguest”

  1. And what the fuck is going on with our walls? We’ve had 3 pieces of art and 1 bookshelf fall down, because the stupid Command strips are falling off.

    I was just watching some x-files and you need to be careful. When stuff starts falling off walls around Mulder, it means aliens are about to abduct someone.

  2. For crumbly old plaster and lathe walls (such as those in my house) I find the only thing that works for keeping things up on walls are either hooks and wires from the picture rail moulding (if you have it). If you can deal with holes in the walls then use a screw with anchor (like the plastic kind). You’ll need to drill a hole to keep it as neat as possible. Shub the anchor in there and then the screw into that. It’s a pain to deal with when repainting and moving photos around but definitely keeps things up.

  3. Hahahahahaha.

    I love the X-Files.

    Perhaps I’ll go tape a big X in our window now and see if I can summon some help.

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