NBA scandal

For those of you who don’t follow basketball, there’s a scandal in the basketball world.

Referee Tim Donaghy has been accused of betting on games, including ones in which he officiated. Apparently he has a gambling problem, and got into trouble with some bookies, and the FBI has been investigating him for a year.

What isn’t clear is the extent to which he damaged the integrity of the games already played, because it isn’t clear how much he affected the outcome. He bet on the point spread, which means he didn’t necessarily bet on who would win or lose, rather how big a differential there would be between the two teams. But in close games, the difference can be enhanced by a few questionable calls that send players to the free throw line, stomping a losing team’s chance of comeback.

People are already up in arms on the sports message boards (albeit, they’re always up in arms about something over there) about Game 3 of Spurs-Suns series. Never mind that the outcome of that game was more affected by Steve Nash’s bloody nose, caused by his own out-of-control careen into Tony Parker, than by anything Donaghy did that game. Never mind that that game only put the Spurs up 2-1, giving the Suns plenty of time to still win the series. But people are questioning, in part because no matter how many times the Spurs win championships, people always question (because they’re the most understated and humble team in any professional sport, but that’s another discussion).

Just to make things even more interesting, apparently Donaghy was also the same ref who Rasheed Wallace confronted in a parking lot after a game in 2003. (Note: Donaghy is not under investigation for that season, but it does add some interesting melodrama).

It deeply saddens me that one man’s fuck up could cause the integrity of a sport I love so much to be questioned.


~ by realsupergirl on July 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “NBA scandal”

  1. If he’s guilty, it doesn’t matter whether he bet on the winner, point spread, over/under, or anything else. He has done the worst thing a sports official can do, and it has hurt all officials.

    Check this out:


  2. Agreed.

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