Mount Hood Road Index, Weeks 34/35

*Realsupergirl ‘s iPod appears to have really died this time. The business card trick gave it 6 more months of life, but now it seems to be a hard drive error. It’s going to the Genius Bar, a.k.a. the infirmary for Macs, but it’s not got long to live…MINUS 2

* Kaphine’s dad had a birthday. And a birthday party. He wasn’t much fun, since he was dead. But our guests were fun. brought good booze. PLUS 1

* Took a lovely 5 mile bike ride at the “World’s End Reservation” in Hingham, which was really beautiful, although next time we’re probably going without the bikes. And sticking to paved bike paths in our bike book. PLUS 1

* Took another bike ride (about 10 miles round trip) all around Brighton, including down to the river. PLUS 1

* Realsupegirl’s’s parents got a new puppy as an anniversary present to themselves. His name is Jake. We can’t wait to see him next time we go down to Tejas – hopefully in December. PLUS 1

* Celebrated a friend’s 40th birthday party with good food and good booze. says “meat is love.” says the mashed potatoes and cornbread were really good. All in all a good time. PLUS 1

* Had a lovely cookout with two other friends. Again: good food, good booze, good friends. There seems to be a theme here. PLUS 1

* Took kitties to vet. They’re healthy, although apparently they’re trying to make us look bad by gaining weight. Our bank account is considerably lighter. EVEN: they’re healthy and that’s a blessing, but it’s expensive and a pain in the ass.

* Renewal season at the shul – even lighter yet. MINUS 1

* The hits keeping coming: found out that we’re going to have to pay a suprise, 1-month-extra-condo-fees special assessment to pay for re-carpeting the common areas of our building. MINUS 1

* Red Sox went 4-0 on the road against Chicago, and then drop 0-3 to the Yankees. They’re just toying with our hearts now, aren’t they? But as of Sunday, they’re 6 games up in their division with 20 games left to clinch. PLUS 1

* Discovered unwelcomg guests in our little wooded area out back: a rat’s nest dug into the dirt. We’ve seen at least 3 of them so far, in the daylight no less. Where’s that hawk when you need him? MINUS 2


Well, at least we’re still on the plus side. That’s something, right?


~ by realsupergirl on September 2, 2007.

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