Television: The Voice of America

So, in one night, you can see our entire culture, the good and the bad, in a nutshell. Jon Reep wins Last Comic Standing, proving once and for all that the American public really is incredibly slow and simple-minded.

And then you have Kid Nation, the new reality show in which a bunch of kids try and build a community in an abandoned New Mexico ghost town. Put aside the lawsuits for a second – it’s actually an interesting concept for a show, and brought me to tears because some of the kids were so darn sweet and authentic. A few initial observations:

1. Jared is the weirdest kid ever to grace American televisions. And grace is really the wrong word here. He will be remembered for his declaration that he wouldn’t poop for 40 days so as to avoid using the outhouse.

2. How cool is it that within the first 3 days, Sophia introduced busking to the town, in an effort to be able to buy a bike? (My after thought, upon reading the bios about the kids: Oh, and of course I love her. She’s the little Jewish girl.)

3. I’d like to please the elect Michael, the 14-year-old from Washington, as our new president. Seriously. He’s more intellligent and better spoken than at least half the people we have in Congress and the White House.

4. And finally, it just about broke my heart watching Jimmy, the 8-year-old who decided to leave because he was so homesick. On the other hand, good for him for having the courage to do what he really wanted to do.

5. An addendum, after having more time to think about the show: Why did they feel compelled to add money into the show? They could have divided the group into “districts” without adding money and creating a caste system. The kids would never have created this on their own, I don’t think. This really bugs me. Was it the show’s corporate sponsors pushing this agenda?


~ by realsupergirl on September 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “Television: The Voice of America”

  1. My kids have been waiting for this show all summer. My own 8 year old was in sobbing tears as he watched Jimmy crying. He wanted Jimmy to go, too, and I was so glad that the kid did what he wanted to do and took care of himself. As a teacher of 8 year olds, too, I am really proud of the maturity it took for him to do that.

    I loved Sophia, too! She was super spunky.

  2. Why does Jon Reep winning Last Comic Standing prove once and for all that the American public really is incredibly slow and simple-minded? While it is disappointing that Amy didn’t win, the show isn’t titled “Smartest Comic Standing”… I didn’t see Jon being a big @sshole like some of the guys were, although maybe we just didn’t see enough about him to know… The ‘regular guy’ persona is a really popular strain of comedy right now and i thought his was a lot more self-mocking and friendly than a lot of that genre which is super misogynist and really revels in ignorance…

    I did not see the last two shows yet so maybe he whipped it out and yelled at everyone or otherwise proved himself evil. But I saw a lot worse in many of the finalists (making fun of alcoholics for the WHOLE SET, or using comedy techniques from darkie shows of the late nineteenth century, for example…) I’m interested to know why Jon Reep is really devastating news. Though I must admit I am a little surprised.

    I’ll have to get to seeing those shows I taped. But not this weekend!

  3. Certainly not devastating news. But to me…Jon Reep’s sets are just so symptomatic of much of American culture — they’re simplistic, they’re not very sophisticated…occasionally funny, but it gets old quickly.

    Lavell is not all that much better – really this season was by far the weakest I’ve seen – but I thought he was a better performer than Jon.

    I can’t believe Gina Yashere, Matt Kirshen, Debra DiGiovanni and Ralph Harris all got voted off. I liked them all so much better. Amy Schumer was pretty funny at times, but at times felt forced. But I liked her better than the two finalists.

    I miss Dave Mordal and Michele Balan, two of my all time favorites.

    I have no shortage of opinions. But you knew that.

  4. Yes, I was sad to see Matt Kirshen go. I knew he wouldn’t win, though. Like says, it’s not the smartest comic standing, and some his jokes (and Gina and Debra’s as well) were probably some of the most involved and intelligent ones on the show.

    I liked Lavell in the beginning, but after a while his routine got old and repetitive. He seems like a one trick horse. Also, what was up with all that Amy-hating? I got the feeling he didn’t think women belonged in comedy, and was not prepared for her to go on as long as she did.

  5. The tone I got from the Amy-hating (from a number of the comics) was that they resented her going so far because she was so new to the field. Comics are mostly insecure folks, I’ve found…Dat Phan got a LOT of hate in the first season, esp after he won it all as a very new comic, up against a lot of veterans.

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