The state of the health care system

I am repulsed by the state of our health care system.

I live in a state where at least the state government is taking some action to insure that all residents have access to healthcare. But the system that is in place only reinforces the current model, which is disgustingly capitalistic.

Health care should not be treated like hamburgers, t-shirts, or other commodities. Your coverage should not be determined by how much money you make, or how healthy you are, and your coverage should not be farmed out to the lowest bidder: that is, the person who can provide the best services for the most profit.

Health care is a basic right, motherfuckers. Every single human being has a right to go to the doctor when they are sick, see a therapist when they are troubled, get their teeth cleaned every six months, have eye glasses if they need them, go to the ER if they have an emergency. There should be no negotiations about whether this company will pay for this or that. It should be paid for, period. That is why we pay taxes, that is why I believe we have government in the first place.

If you run a health care system in a capitalistic model, then you get shitty services. Because ultimately, it’s all about profits, and we’re just hamburgers. If they can make a cheaper hamburger, they’ll do it, even if it tastes shitty and gives you food poisoning.

I know there are some of you on my friends list who adopt a more libertarian view, and I challenge you to argue against this fact: In countries where health care is treated like a right, and subsidized by the state, people have a lower rate of cancer. Our philosophical decision to not take care of our own citizens IS a cancer. And according to some data their taxes aren’t even higher. I’m already paying a third of my income in taxes. But it would be better spent going toward health care than funding a war which we have no hope of winning militarily.


~ by realsupergirl on September 28, 2007.

7 Responses to “The state of the health care system”

  1. something that has long ticked me off about for-profit health care: if people can make a shitload of money off of a quadruple bypass or a lifetime supply of cholesterol-lowering drugs, they aren’t going to encourage you – in any sort of meaningful way – to pass on the burgers and fries. our health care “system” profits from illness, not from wellness. hello, obesity epidemic! hello heart disease! hello megamillions!


  2. A very good point, actually. It seems so obvious and simple, yet is often overlooked.

    It explains why our political leaders (who are often funded by insurance and pharmaceutical companies)would rather have the current model than work towards a system of publicly funded health care and preventative health services.

  3. the person who can provide the best services for the most profit.

    Drop the “best” … there’s no incentive to provide good services, just profitable ones.

  4. Amen, sister. The thing that gets me is this crazy notion that you’re going to make money off sick people. That’s so obviously stupid, I don’t know why anyone ever went down this path. Sick people cost resources, period. The best you can do in a health care system is distribute the cost of caring for the sick as widely as possible.

    Of course, this country has for-profit prisons, too.

  5. There’s this:

    I’m right there with you and Michael Moore. How are we going to make change happen is the question?

  6. Well, that is the question. Any ideas? I mostly waffle between anger and hopelessness. Any ideas short of full scale anti-capitalist revolution?

  7. I think a full scale anti-capitalist revolution is the perfect prescription for our current ailment.

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