Status quo

The sociological experiment that is Kid Nation continues. Last night, the “town council” decided to mix up the teams a tiny bit to make them more fair, which was in general a good idea. But Laurel, the council member who has been there since the beginning, and one of the best leaders in the group decided not to welcome anyone else into her Green team. And while members of all the Red and Blue teams criticized their leaders for trading members of their teams, what was fascinating was that members of Laurel’s own team criticized her, as well. Michael and Sophia both challenged her and said it was “selfish” not to welcome anyone else into their district, which she did ostensibly because she didn’t want to mess with her team’s chemistry.

Several other members challenged her as well (included Anjay and Zach, who are on the town council) and pointed out that she wasn’t really acting in the best interest of the town, but only in the best interest of her district.

What think made me think about is how this parallels a frequent phenomenon in politics – how many times have we seen an incumbant politician who is generally well-loved and supported by his own constituents, and who gets too comfortable with his own power? He forgets to work for the betterment of the larger community: the state, the city, the country, and is focused only on protecting what he has. When I was on the political action committee of SEIU, I saw this often. There was a constant dilemma as to whether our goal was to protect what we have gained as a union, or be focusing on getting more workers unionized to make the larger union stronger.

At the end of the show, we see the town calling for another re-election (only a wek after the last one!) because everyone is so unhappy. And while no one ran against Laurel the last time, this time Michael as stepped up to challenge her, which I think will be interesting.


~ by realsupergirl on November 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “Status quo”

  1. I thought Laurel was very selfish and I’m glad her teammates called her on it. One thing I didn’t understand is why the council felt the need to make the swaps themselves. I think a better plan would have been to announce that the floor was open for anyone who wanted to try living in a different district was welcome to give it a go. It was *defintely* not the right thing to say “we are trading so-and-so because …” — no one likes hearing their flaws announced to the whole town! Political suicide Guylan! I appreciated that Mike apologized to Nathan but WTF — what do these kids have against Nathan?!? From what I’ve seen, he’s a little quirky but totally sweet. I was proud of Blaine for seeing the value in getting out from Greg’s shadow.

  2. I’m watching this show with two of my older kidlets (on Fridays on their computer). Even with the assumed and obvious editing choices/biases/etc., I still have been enjoying watching it with these kids and comparing their remarks about the show with my own opinions.

    Laurel’s decision really did surprise me and I’m eager to see what my kidlets think on Friday!

  3. From what I’ve seen I think Nathan has obsessive-compulsive disorder. We’s seen little snippets of how rigid and ritualistic he is, and he seems pretty anxious a lot of the time. I can imagine that this is hard to live with sometimes. I actually have been impressed with how tolerent they’ve been of him, overall – although this week the Red district was pretty mean.

    I agree that it would have been a better decision to open up a dialogue about how fair the teams are or are not, and see if anyone volunteered to switch. (Of course, these kids are KIDS, and is this perhaps a little too sophisticated for them to come to on their own?) Emilie would probably have volunteered to leave her team, since she was so unhappy there. On the other hand, I wonder if Blaine would have ever volunteered on his own? And I think it turned out to be the best thing for both him and for the Yellow team.

    While I was really happy to see Zach take over the Yellow team, and I think he’s very bright, and a good leader in many ways, his weaknesses are emerging – he’s been pretty mean to the kids who don’t like him and don’t listen to him, mostly the girls. Which is totally developmentally appropriate, but I think it’s going to be his downfall.

  4. his weaknesses are emerging – he’s been pretty mean to the kids who don’t like him and don’t listen to him, mostly the girls. Which is totally developmentally appropriate, but I think it’s going to be his downfall.

    He also shares a key weakness with a former lousy Yellow District leader: distinct lack of empathy. Though, Taylor was more vocal with her cries of “deal with it,” Zach is just as intolerant and insensitive to people on his team feeling emotions that he does not, for example the way he mocked Randi while Taylor was trying to comfort her.\

    P.S. Weird that Greg carried Randi to bed?!?

  5. Totally agreed about Zach.

    Yes, I thought it was weird, too, although not until the clip afterwards when they showed Randi talking and how old she was: 12. In the previous clips Randi seemed a lot younger, and then it seemed more appropriate.

  6. I KNOW! I totally thought she was like 8, thought it was sweet, then got GROSSED OUT! Call me a prude who finds kidsex GROSS, but I do!

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