A Most Lesbionic Poll

Do you have a strong preference for songs by either Amy Ray or Emily Saliers?

If you don’t know who those people are, you can probably just ignore this post entirely. But I was listening to their 2002 CD, Becoming You, which I thrifted for like $2 months ago and had forgotten to listen to. I haven’t been keeping up with them much for the last five years. But I was enjoying it, and remembering how even though in many ways Emily is the more talented musician, Amy’s songs are the ones I find myself drawn to, lyrically and musically. Consistently. Across albums and years.

So, do you have a preference?


~ by realsupergirl on November 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Most Lesbionic Poll”

  1. I prefer Emily’s sweet voice, but would let Amy take me to bed any day. I used to say, “Emily for the song, Amy for the snog.”

    Amy’s songs are definitely more edgy and political, but Emily’s are more sing-along-able.

  2. This used to be an easy question: Emily by a mile. My absolute favorites from the early years were all Emily’s. “Ghost.” “Power of Two.” “The Wood Song.” “Least Complicated.” “She’s Saving Me.” I liked a bunch of Amy’s songs, sure, but Emily had both a higher batting average and more home runs. Plus I prefer the quieter stuff to Amy’s louder…I found “Touch Me Fall” just about unlistenable at first (until I saw them perform it live…then I got it more).

    But on the last few albums, Amy’s been coming through. “Moment of Forgiveness,” “Shame on You,” and “Starkville” are damn good. But Emily’s been there too…”Get Out the Map,” “Lay My Head Down.”

    So now it’s still Emily, but by a slimmer margin. I view her as a poet in the Paul Simon/Paul McCartney/Aimee Mann vein, where I can read her songs multiple times and never quite feel like I’ve tapped the bottom of them.


  3. So Emily is John and Paul
    and Amy is George
    and nobody is Ringo…

    But really, it’s a false dichotomy, because it is only by the synthesis that any of the songs are realized.

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