Mount Hood Road Index, Week 48

* ‘s trusty iMac spent a week on the fritz, culminating with an ultimately fruitless trip to the Apple Store Genius Bar. MINUS 2

* However, she planned carefully enough to be able to afford to buy a sexy new iMac, good for a PLUS 1.

* suffered a massive attack of Cold Sores from Hell. Amazingly enough that Abreva shit actually does work, but unfortunately it’s expensive as all fuck. Cold sores are now gone, but it’s all scabbed over and it hurts and cracks and bleeds when she smiles or tries to floss. MINUS 2

* Bad car week: bumped a parked car and nicked the bumper, hit a stationary wall inside a mall parking lot, and then got hit by an asshole trying to cut her off while she was pulling out of a CVS parking space. Thank G-d only one of those fenderbenders caused any injury (the parking garage incident gave us headaches and soreness for a couple hours.) Still, all total MINUS 3.

* Had to decline on meeting up with in New Jersey. We’d just been doing too much driving and running around and we were exhausted, plus we had made another commitment already. MINUS 1 because it’s always disappointing to not be able to do everything. MINUS 1

* Attended and ‘s housewarming party. They’ve been living there for six months, but who’s counting? PLUS 1

* Saw a good movie, I’m Not There. Even if you have no interest in Bob Dylan and interesting ways of telling a “biography”, it’s worth seeing because Cate Blanchett makes one sexy as hell Bob Dylan. PLUS 1

* Discovered that holiday mail order catalogues (“only the ones with lots of food in them”> really get off. PLUS 1


Man, that’s quite a free fall this week. Yikes.


~ by realsupergirl on December 3, 2007.

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