In Which Supergirl learns a new word

Told to me in writing group tonight:

“I really admire your prolixity.” —

Also, on Kid Nation tonight: I have been saying ever since the start that Alex is some sort of alien child. Tonight, after winning the gold star, what did he say: “Well, it’s kind of a lot of money, but it’s kind of not. It’s a paradox.” What 9-year-old talks like that?

And by the way, for those of you not on Facebook, where I posted this dream earlier – I had a dream about Sophia from Kid Nation last night. In the dream, I was telling her she should go to Reed. I think that’s a little weird. But can I just say, I continue to be impressed with her. It was kind of set up to have the town council leave town and leave her in charge, and she handled it beautifully. She was clear and firm about the expectations, but positive and encouraging at the same time. It’s like she’s a fucking Montessori teacher, not a 14 year old girl.

Seriously, these kids should be running the world. Imagine what Sophia could do if she were meeting with Abbas and Barak in Annapolis this week. I’d have more faith in her than I do in anyone currently in office right now.


~ by realsupergirl on December 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “In Which Supergirl learns a new word”

  1. Wha…?

    That’s odd, because prolixity is generally not considered a good thing.

  2. Yes, I gathered that since I generally think brevity is a good thing, therefore the opposite of brevity doesn’t intuitively seem like it would be good.

    In this context, I THINK was trying to suggest that I am good at writing a lot of character details and backstory.

  3. I JUST caught up with Kid Nation this weekend. I am feeling a little sad that the finale is this week – I’ve really enjoyed the show. It seems that I don’t hear as much from the critics as I did at the beginning. I agree with you about Sophia – I am amazed each week at her insights and maturity. And I am so glad that Alex won the gold star – I have always liked him – what a great kid. My favorite line from this week was “Linguistics are fun.” Huh?

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