Dan Savage wrote to me!

Dan Savage’s autograph
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So, last night I opened a Hannukah gift from , which turned out to be a signed copy of The Commitment, one of my very favorite books by Dan. Thank you, by the way!

However, I really found Dan’s note to be unintelligible. What it looks to me like is: “Eve, Sarah fart you a book – do something nin for Sarah.” And that’s being generous with the inferences based on what IMAGINE it might say.

So I sent him an email with this scanned copy of what he wrote, asking him to interpret. He wrote back:

it says — as plain as the nose my face — “sarah got you a book, do
something nice for sarah!”

sorry about my handwriting…

and happy holidays!


And now I feel like a giddy school girl whose childhood idol wrote her back. Hahahahahaha. I love Dan.

Also, and this is too big to fit into an also, congratulations to A and M on the birth of their second child! Mazel Tov!

Oh, and if anyone felt compelled to go back and read the poem I posted earlier today, I would really like to hear others’ thoughts – either on the poem, or on the incident that inspired it.


~ by realsupergirl on December 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dan Savage wrote to me!”

  1. You’re welcome, by the way. It was fun getting the autograph. I had him sign my copy of The Kid.

  2. I love Dan too. I am so jealous. Sometimes I think of calling the podcast, but I just don’t have any interesting love related questions (or sex related) that I can’t actually answer on my own.

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