Mount Hood Road Index, Weeks 49/50

* Winter hits New England in full force. Thursday’s blizzard causes all sorts of headaches and lost productivity, but Sunday’s ice storm creates a cozy day at home filled with movies, zucchini bread, and catching up with . EVEN

* Free money! ‘s iPod rebate came. Unfortunately she’ll be using it to pay for her stupid speeding ticket, but it still helps. PLUS 1

* The snow removal people our condo association hired are idiots who can’t seem to remember where the bounds of our property are and what a plowed parking lot looks like. MINUS 1

* Our condo association also informed us of another special assessment to cover heating costs. We don’t remember voting on that. Oh wait, that’s because we’re nine months overdue for our required annual association meeting. MINUS 1

* However, our union-organizing skills kicked into action, and we have begun to campaign to enlist our fellow owners in a fight for homeowner rights. PLUS 1

* Went to see The Nutcracker, which was magical and ornate. loves costumes and sets, and enjoyed her Hannukah gift from very much. PLUS 1

* In general, we made out like bandits for Hannukah this year – new earrings, new purses, new luggage, new books, new cookie cutters, new magnets, Zombie Fluxx, and more. PLUS 1

* Eva, an old friend of ‘s from college, comes for an unexpected visit. We take her to brunch and subject her to Zombie Fluxx. PLUS 1

* Had a delicious Italian dinner with and Margaret, and got to see their new condo in East Boston. PLUS 2 – the food was so good we don’t want to tell you where it is because it’s small and it will crowded.

* Had a lovely Shabbat dinner with and and then we all went out to see I Am Legend. PLUS 2

* Had a fabulous Hannukah party with our congregation, and another Hannukah celebration on the last night with Christine, who gave us another impromptu puppet show. Of course we gave her puppets for Hannukah. The girl needs more toys. PLUS 2

* We also had a Hannukah party with pumpkin-tinis and latkes. Mmmmmm. PLUS 1

* Tis the season for holiday parties – we also attended a holiday party for ‘s co-workers. PLUS 1

* Jodie Foster finally comes out. Like this was any great surprise, but at least now it’s official. A false rumor has Queen Latifah coming out and marrying her girlfriend. She shuts that rumor down but doesn’t completely go back in the closet. Hmmm. EVEN/b>



~ by realsupergirl on December 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “Mount Hood Road Index, Weeks 49/50”

  1. Jodie Foster gay? I’m…shocked, truly sh-

    oh wait, no I’m not.

  2. What a full week, you’ll need a vacation from your snow day! Sounds lovely…except the driving home in dangerous weather part.

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